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Pony racing - key information


  • Distances of approx 4 furlongs to 9 furlongs
  • 138cm and under
  • 148cm and under
  • Maximum number of runners will be 10

Pony Eligibility

  • Must be at least five years old and not more than 20 years in 2010
  • Joint Measurement Scheme Certificates of height are to be available on the day and will be accepted
  • Ponies that have run under any recognized Rules of Racing of any Turf Authority are not eligible
  • All ponies must be vaccinated against Equine Influenza and have a certificate

Rider Eligibility

  • Riders MUST be members of the Pony Racing Authority (see the PRA website at for details)
  • Riders MUST be aged 9-15 years on the day of the pony races
  • There will be no weight limitations however it will be at the discretion of the organizers as to whether a declared rider is too big to ride the declared pony
  • All riders and their ponies MUST have been out together with a recognised pack of hounds a minimum of 4 times this season OR have attended 4 working PC Rallies together

Saddlery & Equipment

  • Ponies must be turned out with well fitting and properly maintained saddlery
  • All riders must wear an Approved body protector and a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum standards


  • Riders must wear cream, white or beige jodhpurs
  • Silks/racing colours are to be provided by the competitors
Pony Racing Authority

Information on membership, pony registration and regulations can be found on the Pony Racing Authority website