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London Marathon 2014

31-January-2014 7:46
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We all know the importance of St John Ambulance to our sport is immense and without them we would not have a sport. We hope we never need their services but some of us will and they save lives on the point to point field with their terrific volunteer work.

Richard Tory & Jenna King are running the London Marathon this year to raise £3500 for St John Ambulance, to generate funding to enable these volunteers to continue doing what they do so well, so that we can continue to enjoy our sport.

A quick background on Richard: He is a farmer in Salisbury, originally from Blandford, Dorset, his mother, Mary, trains pointers from their farm. He is on the South Dorset P2P committee, and have ridden out horses at home. He has never race ridden and admire those that do, but have seen plenty of horses come back rider-less and the occasional serious injury.

If anyone feels able to offer a donation to this valuable cause then please visit or  or go and see him at the South Dorset Declarations desk this Sunday.



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