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15-May-2015 13:02
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Update 18/05/15

We are benefitting from this steady rain today which is forecast to continue throughout the morning.  Despite this and based on the weather forecast , our CoC is 99% sure he will be watering Friday & Saturday


Update 15/05

Since Wednesday we have been working towards getting the course in a safe raceable condition for 24th May.  Luckily we had rain all day yesterday which we intend to take full advantage of. 

Our CofC is confident that he will be able to get the best ground possible for this time of year and I can assure you no effort will be spared in this regard.  He is very experienced at preparing a course and knowing what needs to be done.  Rest assured he is also extremely reliable and honest, he tells it like it is so be under no illusion you will get accurate information, rather than what you may wish to hear.

The fences have been moved allowing the full course to be worked on.  Wherever possible new racing ground will be available.   Watering will be undertaken but there is little point at this precise moment as it would simply diasappear.

Anyone is more than welcome to walk the course at anytime.  Please be realistic; the necessary improvements are not going to happen overnight but be advised that work will continue throughout the forthcoming week.  Therefore I would suggest that if anyone wants their walk to be effective then this is done towards the week as it may prove premature to form an opinion. 

Our CofC may be contacted for an update and progress report of what has been done, the current state of the course and what is planned to be done, his number is in the Planner. 




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