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Side Saddle Dash comes to Larkhill on Sat 26th Jan

15-January-2019 19:10
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by Admin

On 29th September Master Saddler Clare Barnett of Bearhouse Saddlery and her fellow local side saddle enthusiasts were invited into the Royal Artillery saddle club to run the second Have A Go clinic of 2018.

As the day unfolded the talk turned to mens ability to ride side saddle and it was pointed out that men would have broken in a ladies horse to sidesaddle as it was far too risky for a lady of that time. Added to that a lot of first world war military veterans who had ridden before the war and who had sustained lower limb injuries returned to riding side saddle.

So a challenge was issued to Staff Sergeant Peter Pagen- Skelly to learn to ride side saddle and to take Part in a side saddle race in 2019 to raise funds for The Royal Artillery Charitable fund. as some of the ladies are part of the Royal Artillery Hunt we approached the hunt to hold a charity dash at their annual point to point.

We are honoured that they accepted and so we will on the day show that all types of horse can be used from Draughts to Dales to thoroughbreds and hunters and that anything that can be done astride can be done aside.

Side saddle is open to all and covers every age, gender and ability. We welcome everyone to watch our brave riders who have raised money for the brilliant local charity, the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund.

Come and support them

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