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Amendments to The Combined Services Race Conditions Sunday 19th February

03-February-2017 20:48
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by Admin

Race Amendments
The Club Race conditions Race for Novice Riders (1st)

Penalties, after April 30, 2015,

For each win in an Intermediate or Novice Riders’ race (of any type)….3lb

For each win in a Confined or Club Members race……………………….4lb

For each win in a Mens, Ladies or Mixed Open Point-to-Point race……7lb

(Penalties cumulative, max weight 12st 10lb)


Club Members conditions Race (3rd)

Penalties, after April 30, 2014,

For each win in an Intermediate or Novice Riders’ race (of any type)….3lb

For each win in a Confined or Club Members race……………………….5lb

(Penalties cumulative, max weight 12st 7lb)

This removes the anomaly that point to point winners before dates above were penalised, whilst NH winners were not.  I would like to give our thanks to Tim Sage for drawing our attention to it, and to BHA and PPA for their kind offices in agreeing the amendment.
I would also like to thank Tom Lacey for drawing attention to the fact that the 2 ∏ mile maiden’s conditions have been substantially changed to assist last year’s maidens.  We recognise that they find it very difficult to find a race at the beginning of the season in which they have any chance against young newcomers, and hopefully the shorter length will help those a bit short of a distance.
The above three races have been very deliberately framed to provide opportunity for those with less excellent horses.  For what its worth we believe that the future of pointing in UK does depend on the hundreds of small trainers and owner trainers, who have always been, and continue to be, the backbone of the sport.
Notwithstanding the above, we are very proud to hold the Classic Coronation Cup, which reverts to being a Mixed Open.  We want the best for this, and hope that its prestige and history as a Classic, the prize money, the Cup and a special memento to commemorate Larkhill’s 70th anniversary, will combine to attract an excellent field.
Finally we have a Maiden and a Restricted with no conditions, which we hope will also attract the superstars of the future.  In so doing we hope that we have framed a racecard which gives opportunities for all.
We look forward to your company on Sunday the Nineteenth of February.

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