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As the Wessex Area 2020-21 season was unfortunately limited to just five meetings, the Area has decided that the Annual Awards will not be formally presented. This is in line with the decision taken last year.

However we we would like to recognise the huge efforts that all participants have put in throughout the season and their continued support of the Wessex Area, so consequently in conjunction with one of our long standing sponsors, Tanners Wine Merchants of Shrewsbury, we would like to present the winners of both Trainer awards, leading lady jockey, leading male jockey, leading novice jockey and also leading owner with a bottle of Tanners champagne. We will be in touch with the winners shortly.

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Brief Biography

Brian Armstrong was born in Warwickshire on 23 May 1953, and died aged 62, succumbing to pancreatic cancer to which he made no concession - a dedication that earned him universal respect. A life-time devotee of Point-to-Pointing, he kept scrapbooks of pictures as a child before becoming a photographer in his own right. His photographs were first published In Hunter Chasers and Point-to-Pointers in 1992, and he quickly became a familiar sight on the racetrack with camera in hand. In the new millennium he became the Wessex Area’s press officer, a role he shared with his wife Gill (who sadly died almost exactly a year after her husband in October 2016). Brian’s career was in the naval defence industry but after concentrating full-time on racing he quickly became very well-known as P-t-P correspondent for Horse & Hound. By nature a quiet and reserved man, he was most methodical and meticulous, and revelled in the minutiae of the sport. He built a formidable library in addition to his photographic archive and frequently swept the board in racing quizzes and competitions.


This perpetual Trophy is awarded to the Champion Novice Horse in the Wessex and West Midlands P-t-P Areas. First awarded in 2019, it is presented (with a memento) at the Awards presention event in the winner's Area. The trophy perpetuates the former Western Daily Press Young Horse Award first awarded in the 1990s.

To be eligible to score points for this Award a horse:

  •  Must be qualified with a Hunt affiliated to the Wessex or West Midlands P-t-P Areas
  •  Must have run in a P-t-P Maiden race in the current P-t-P season.




Points can be scored in any P-t-P race or hunter chase in GB up to the close of the Wessex or West Midlands P-t-P season (whichever is the later).

Scoring: 10 pts for 1st, and (except in Maiden P-t-P races) 6 pts for 2nd, and 3 pts for 3rd

In the case of a dead heat, the points for the particular position shall be added to that of the next position and divided equally between those involved.


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That's it for the 2021 season look forward to updtaing you on provisional dats for 2022 season soon