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As the Wessex Area 2020-21 season was unfortunately limited to just five meetings, the Area has decided that the Annual Awards will not be formally presented. This is in line with the decision taken last year.

However we we would like to recognise the huge efforts that all participants have put in throughout the season and their continued support of the Wessex Area, so consequently in conjunction with one of our long standing sponsors, Tanners Wine Merchants of Shrewsbury, we would like to present the winners of both Trainer awards, leading lady jockey, leading male jockey, leading novice jockey and also leading owner with a bottle of Tanners champagne. We will be in touch with the winners shortly.

Group: Hunt Awards
Sponsor: Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt
Brief Biography

Albert Wilds was a well-known and very successful farrier from Yeovil.


For the most successful Family-Owned and Ridden Horse qualified with the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt. The Cup will be presented at the B&SV Puppy Show.


The Cup is awarded to the B&SV-qualified horse ridden by a member of the owner's family, that wins the most races in the current season up to and including 31 May, anywhere in the country. If horses are tied on the same number of wins then the number of seconds will be used to find a winner, if that still results in a tie then the number of third placings will be used. If the horses still remain tied then the Cup will be shared.

To be eligible for this Award a horse must have run in at least onr Point-to-Point race in the current season.

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That's it for the 2021 season look forward to updtaing you on provisional dats for 2022 season soon