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Group: Hunt Awards
Sponsor: Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt
Brief Biography

Pat Welby (1911-1990) rode in ladies' P-t-P races in the late '40s and '50s on Black Diamond, Maimie's Choice and The Waiter. Both the latter were placed for her including when a half-length second at the Royal Artillery P-t-P in 1952. After retiring from racing she was Whipper-in of the Sparkford Vale Harriers from 1958-1967.


For the Most Successful Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt-qualified Horse in the current P-t-P season. The trophy is presented at the B&SV Hunt Puppy Show.


The Cup will be awarded to the qualified horse winning the most races in the current season up to and including 31 May, anywhere in the country. If there is a tie then the number of seconds will be used to decide the winner, if there is still a tie after that then the number of third placings will be used. If the horses still remain tied then the Cup will be shared.

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Wessex's third fixture of the season will be:

Avon Vale @ Larkhill

Sunday 19th December

First race 11.00

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