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Group: Course Awards
Sponsor: Tim Holt, photographer
Course: 499
Brief Biography

Richard Noyce (1925-1988), a keen member of the Royal Artillery Hunt was a farm manager at Penton Mewsey not too far from Larkhill. He was one of the star riders on the course in the early years on horses such as Silent Night II and Onslow Boy. He also assisted with the preparation and maintenance of the course until killed in a road traffic accident aged 62.

A public subscription in his memory allowed the purchase of the bronze trophy of a horse and jockey in his colours, which was first awarded in 1990.



For the Leading Rider at Larkhill.

PLEASE NOTE: Owner-Riders (who compete for the Elektrik II Challenge Bowl) will not also score points in this Championship with the same performance

The winner will also receive an enlarged framed photograph of themselves in action at Larkhill, kindly donated by Tim Holt.

The presentations are made at a Larkhill Awards Event held in The Queen's Building at the racecourse.


10 pts for 1st, 5 pts for 2nd and 3 pts for 3rd in all Mens, Ladies and Mixed Open races

7 pts for 1st, 5 pts for 2nd and 3 pts for 3rd in all other races at Larkhill

In the case of a dead heat, the points for the particular position shall be added to that of the next position and divided equally between those involved

Past Winners

Current Standings


Sunday 5th May

Devon & Somerset Staghounds @ South Hill

First Race 2.00pm

Tickets available on the gate