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Group: Course Awards
Sponsor: Nina Squire, equine artist
Course: 499
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For the Leading Horse at Larkhill.

The owner will receive the Larkhill Specialist Cup. This silver trophy was already old when first awarded for a Royal Artillery race in 1889. It records the winners of two or three races each year until 1908 when it became the Lightweight Cup. In 1949 it was re-designated the Hunt Members and Farmers Cup and competed for in that guise until 1969. It was first presented as The Larkhill Specialist Cup in 1974. The original base, with additions to accommodate all the names, had become disproportionately large and was replaced in 2002.

The winner will also recieve a head portrait of the winning horse by leading equine artist Nina Squire.

Presentation is made at a Larkhill Awards Event held in The Queen's Building at the racecourse.



10 pts for 1st, 5 pts for 2nd and 3 pts for 3rd in all Mens, Ladies and Mixed Open races

7 pts for 1st, 5 pts for 2nd and 3 pts for 3rd in all other races at Larkhill

In the case of a dead heat, the points for the particular position shall be added to that of the next position and divided equally between those involved

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Next meeting Sunday 11th April @ Cothelstone

Meeting will have live streaming

Going Good/Good to firm  will water if necessary to maintain (6/4)

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Sunday 25th April @ Larkhill