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As the Wessex Area 2020-21 season was unfortunately limited to just five meetings, the Area has decided that the Annual Awards will not be formally presented. This is in line with the decision taken last year.

However we we would like to recognise the huge efforts that all participants have put in throughout the season and their continued support of the Wessex Area, so consequently in conjunction with one of our long standing sponsors, Tanners Wine Merchants of Shrewsbury, we would like to present the winners of both Trainer awards, leading lady jockey, leading male jockey, leading novice jockey and also leading owner with a bottle of Tanners champagne. We will be in touch with the winners shortly.

Group: Meetings Awards
Sponsor: Family & Friends
Brief Biography

Angie Burrough (1961-2008) was a ‘true Cotley lass’. The eldest of four children of A.J. and Gwen Burrough, both her father and grandfather were whippers-in of the Cotley Hunt. She had a vibrant personality and loved country life especially hunting and Point-to-Pointing. Following her tragically young death just a month short of her 47th birthday on 1 May 2008, her many friends donated to this award in her memory. The trophy ‘Kick On’, is a Harriet Glen bronze featuring a pair of riding boots, a crop and skull cap. Ten replicas were also acquired which are being presented as mementoes to the first ten winners.


For the Leading Rider at the Taunton Vale, Cotley and Seavington meetings. The Trophy was presented at the last of the qualifying meetings to take place


1st 4 pts, 2nd 2 pts and 3rd 1 pt in all races at the meetings listed above

In the case of a dead heat, the points for the particular position shall be added to that of the next position and divided equally between those involved.

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That's it for the 2021 season look forward to updtaing you on provisional dats for 2022 season soon