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Point to Pointing all set for restart

30-November-2020 19:47
in General
by Admin

Pointing will start again on Sunday, December 6, with the Avon Vale fixture at Larkhill set to run a pilot for the return of spectators. 

Following the government’s recent changes in legislation and the new look Tier system, point-to-pointing will start again on Sunday, December 6, with meetings at Wadebridge in Cornwall and Chaddesley Corbett in Worcestershire. 

On the following Saturday, Avon Vale at Larkhill has volunteered to run a pilot meeting allowing paying spectators subject to Local Authority agreement. If this goes well, the paying public will be able to attend point-to-points after Christmas in Tier 1 and 2 areas, providing they adhere to the various restrictions and stipulations, which have already been in place for the first three meetings. 

In basic terms, everyone must stick to government rules distancing and masks will be worn at all times away from the vehicle, around which should be where you are based for most of the day. No gatherings of more than six (ie your bubble) in line with government requirements. To help you, all vehicles will be parked at least two metres apart.

It must be re-iterated that point-to-points will continue to be run at Level 4 (the highest level), whether with or without spectators, for the foreseeable future. The following provides a summary of what that means for paying public (and everyone else):

- You must pre-register for tickets in the Amber zone. The tickets will be available from Monday afternoon to Friday 1200, and can be accessed from the website (look on right hand side).

- When registering you agree to a code of conduct. Please do check this and ensure you comply. You are putting both yourself and the sport at risk if you do not.

- On arrival at the course, please put on a mask and have your ticket (preferably hard copy) ready to be scanned along with ID. Everyone will also be asked to answer three questions and have your temperature taken. If anyone in vehicle does not have a ticket or fails one of the checks you will be asked to leave.

- You must stay in your own zone, which will be clearly marked.

- If you live in Tier 3 area, you may not attend meetings in Tiers 1 and 2 since it cannot be deemed essential. There will be no amber zone in Tier 3 areas.

- There must be no crowding anywhere including last fence, at paddock and with bookies. If asked to move away from an area due to such crowding please do so.


Date Course Tier Info
06-Dec Wadebridge 1 Owners from Tier 1 and 2 welcome in Amber Zone but no paying public.
06-Dec Chaddesley Corbett 2 No Amber zone meaning no owners or paying public
12-Dec Larkhill 2 Owners from Tier 1 and 2 welcome in Amber Zone. Pilot to trial return of paying public from Tier 1 and 2 subject to Local Authority
13-Dec Barbury 2 Owners from Tier 1 and 2 welcome in Amber Zone but no paying public
13-Dec Alnwick 3 No Amber zone meaning no owners or paying public
20-Dec Charing 3 No Amber zone meaning no owners or paying public
20-Dec Howick (Wales) N/A Awaiting further details

May we end by saying that we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fixture secretaries and their teams. They have not only had a mountain of paperwork to translate into practical solutions to both get clearance and let a meeting go ahead, but have also had to chop and change their plans often at very short notice. They are volunteers and yet have ended up working phenomenal hours over an extended period to get these fixtures on at all. Huge kudos to them.

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